Wig Application Nightmares – Six Problems to Avoid

The application of a new lace front wig is a feeling akin to strapping into a rollercoaster seat. The anticipation and excitement are amazing. At the same time, you may feel like, as in a rollercoaster seat, you are completely out of control. Yet, you always expect that the ride will end well. Unfortunately, not all wig applications do. Here are 6 situations that should make you think twice.

1. Kitchen Beauticians
Your sister or friend might be able to give you the simplest braided wigs of haircuts and do a good job. They may be able to curl it up with a curling iron for your big date. You can let them braid it or brush it or wash it. One thing you should never do is let an amateur apply a lace front wig. Look for someone with experience and skill.

2. Beauty Supply Store Botch Jobs
Beauty supply stores may be great places to buy your favorite top-of-the-line shampoos and conditioners at a discounted price. These shops sell many things that you can use safely and affordably. They may sell all the products used in applying lace front wigs. However, it does not follow that they will likely have someone on their staff who knows anything about professional wig application. Taking their advice could have grim consequences for your hairline and possibly even ruin your new wig.

3. Long Waits
Since there are few salons that are equipped to do good work with wig applications, you might have to wait for a while. On the other hand, the salon should be able to make an educated guess about when the stylist will be ready for you. If you go for your appointment and have to wait an extremely long time, you might want to rethink using that salon. Talk to the manager and ask why you were scheduled and then made to wait. If they do not have a good answer, move on to another salon.

4. Shaving the Hairline
Many salons find it easiest to shave the hairline before applying a lace front wig. Certainly, a wig will adhere strongly to a shaven area. Yet it is very destructive to shave the hairline. It makes you a slave to wearing lace front wigs all the time. Once the glue is applied directly to this shaven area over and over, it is hard for hair to ever grow back there. The senseless thing about it all is that the hairline does not need to be shaved for the wig to be applied.

5. Unsanitary Conditions
Some salons will not be careful enough about their sanitary practices when applying lace front wigs. For example, you might see stylists in a salon using the same glue brush on several different heads without cleaning it in any way. This is unhygienic to the extreme. If you see this going on, walk out immediately and look for another wig application salon.

6. No Wig Check
The first thing that should happen when you go into a salon for a wig application is making sure the wig you have chosen will fit. There is simply no need to start unless the job can be completed. That would not only be a waste of time and money, but depending on the skill of the stylish, it might damage your hairline as well.

You will need someone to do your lace front wig application for you, but you cannot trust just anyone. Look for the most skilled and experienced person you can find. Then, do not hesitate to walk out, even at the last-minute, if you see a disaster in the making. It is your money and it is your hair, and you should be happy with the results. Get the right salon and you will be as excited about your new wig after it is applied as you were when you received it.

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