What Is the Best Safari in Kenya?

This is of course very subjective, but obviously the best safari in Kenya should be made up of four elements – a private 4×4 vehicle and a private guide that flies between each safari region, concentrated wildlife and few tourists!

I am naturally biased because Kenya is my home, but since I grew up on safari here, as elsewhere in Africa, there are indeed elements in Kenya that her colleagues simply do not have.

Let’s start with the wildebeest migration – the largest animal migration in Africa and one of the largest, if not the largest animal migration in the world. If you can try to record your safari during this period, which runs from July to September in Masai Mari, then it is without a doubt quite magical and has quite high ratings on most people’s lists!

Then the cultural aspect. Home to over 49 different tribes, Kenya is very special, totally authentic and original. There is no such running and hip dressing to satisfy tourists, which happens in other countries. You can go even deeper to go on a mule and Maasai guided safari and explore the unspoiled areas around Masai Mare without ever seeing a tourist in sight. Finding out all about their culture and the difficulties they face while avoiding Westernization is always a fascinating topic! Maybe go on a camel trekking safari in the Samburu region with the royal people of Samburu and learn what it takes to become a warrior today and how they maintain their individuality.

Meru is another of my favorite parks – celebrated by George Adamson and here you can see the most amazing, gentle wildlife watching in a really beautiful park with few tourists. With just a few really good camps and lodges to choose from, this is a must for the Flying Safaris in Kenya.

Tsavo East is also beautiful, and for anyone interested in walking safari, the region is not only incredibly beautiful and great for watching elephants, but also a fantastic park for walking. Stay at a beautiful, luxurious camp with tents, or set up a private mobile campground for you with your personal guide.

For those looking to dive deeper, they can spend the day with the lion scientist or learn more about Africa’s most efficient predator, a highly elusive wild dog. I always started in Laikipia, where several locals have ranches, and this is the perfect way to acclimate and learn more about Africa from families who have lived here for generations. For anyone who loves horse riding, for me, a safari in Kenya offers some of the best experiences – especially in Masai Mara during the wildebeest migration, where you can ride with the wildlife.

For those seeking complete privacy, you can set up private mobile camps in tents around the Masai Mare with your private vehicle and guide. This is a great way to go on a safari in Kenya.

For the best safari in Kenya, I would combine Meru and Masai Mara with Laikipia, and then perhaps hop on a helicopter to Lake Turkana for a day or even night trip. It’s just incredible – a sea of ​​jade, as the great explorer Count Teleki said on his expedition.

You can then find yourself on the coast with a private villa or home that would be ideal – along with your private boat and skipper, so you can spend your days exploring and diving, fishing and picnicking on the uninhabited islands.

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