Visiting Rome, the Eternal City

A visit to Italy is said to be incomplete without visiting Rome. Known as the “Eternal City”, Rome is home to several artistic masterpieces and marvelous architecture, museums and not forgetting monuments. Visitors will instantly be able to get a feel of the culture Rome holds by simply walking along the streets and observing Italian lifestyle. Those interested in Italian history will in particular enjoy a visit to Rome as it presents ample opportunities to discover the rich and complex layers of history of the majestic city. The centuries of histories which have built this city can be said to begin from time of the Roman empire, extending to the Medieval, Renaissance and the modern period that we know see Rome in. Rome has much to offer for everyone, regardless of interest.

As the popular saying “Rome wasn’t built in a day” goes, every phase of the building up of the Eternal City tells a story. Having positioned itself as the greatest Empire in the world, Rome is important in both the religious and cultural aspects given the centuries of upheaval and rivalries that the city saw. Visitors to Rome will not only be able to enjoy the history of the city, but also the food, the rich Italian culture and even just the scenery,

While at Rome, do visit Rome’s ancient town known as Ostia Antica. Once in this city, visitors will find themselves being lost in the charm that the former port beholds. Ostia Antica was abandoned by the Romans, causing the trading centre to decline in importance and activity. Eventually the entire trading centre was buried in silt. Now, the town stands refurbished with the excavation activities that took place. The town has a rich character which will linger in the minds of visitors for long.

While in Rome, it would be a sin to miss out on visiting one of the World Wonders, the Colosseum. In fact, this should be on the top of the list of ancient monuments that any visitor visits while in Rome. Visitors will have to buy tickets to visit the monument and an audio tour is highly suggested. In order to avoid long queues at the ticket counters, visitors are advised to buy their tickets online or buy a combination ticket which would allow them to visit the Colosseum along with Palatine Hill and the Roman Forum. In order to capture the best angles of the Colosseum, visitors are encouraged to go round to the side of the building and start snapping.

Rome is also a city which will satiate the appetite of any hungry traveler. Ranging from tiny Italian cafes which dish out reasonably priced yet delicious Italian pasta to more glamorous restaurants, Rome has something for everyone and a true culinary delight. One could probably go to the extent of saying that Rome probably has more restaurants than any other business in the city. When in Rome, do as the Romans. Therefore, spend your time in Rome trying out the city’s signature dishes. There is a strong focus on meat and butter instead of what we would otherwise think as being typically Italian- Pasta with red sauce.

Rome is best visited in spring and fall. Spring falls between late March and May while fall is between September and mid-November. It is probably best to avoid visiting Rome in summer for it can get very hot in Rome and not many people believe in using air conditioners. If you can bear the cold, visit Best 2 days Rome itinerary in winter between December and February. If visiting Rome closer to Christmas, visitors will be able to view the Christmas fair on Piazaa Navona as well as nativity scenes which are held in public open spaces. The peak tourist season is still nonetheless during summer.

When planning a trip to Italy, do some ample research on the various places there are to visit in Rome and perhaps look up some sample itineraries. These may give an idea on how to plan the days when in Rome, making best use of the time available. Advanced planning for the trip will do you good and also help you avoid disappointment and any unpleasant experiences during the course of the trip.

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