Various Exercises To Build Strength And Endurance

When we think of strength we think about those monster-like huge heavy weight champions who can lift tons of weight. On the other hand when we think about endurance we think about those fast athletes and players. Though the body builders and heavy weight champions have tremendous strength they do not have endurance like the football players. The players have marvelous endurance but are not as strong as the weight lifters and body builders. There are specific exercises meant for both the strength and endurance.

So far, following light exercises to keep ourselves fit and healthy we do not need to consult a doctor or hire a coach to train us. But if the aim is go professional and build the strength of weight lifter and body builder or have the endurance and speed of football player, badminton player, gymnast etc then it is always advisable to consult a doctor and hire an experienced coach. Because before going for such exercises it is wise to know our body first. As the people having some health problem of heart and respiratory can not go for such kind of exercises. Further, without the guidance of expert coach we may follow the exercises in a wrong way and injure ourselves. Especially the youth are too enthusiastic to have best body and use those weight lifting machines and all those sophisticated fitness machines in the gym without having proper knowledge. Due to such folly they get into trouble.

Endurance exercises are those which increases our respiratory and heart rate. Most common and easy exercise to increase our endurance is running. fitness The marathon race athletes have tremendous endurance power. Also the football players, badminton players, swimmers etc also have marvelous endurance power. If we do not have the facility to run then skipping is the other alternative for running. We can do it inside our room or on the roof also. Skipping also accelerate our respiratory and heart rate in the same manner as we do running. Secondly, stepping up and down on the stairs is also one exercise to increase our endurance. Above that, cycling also increases endurance. If facility is there then a little bit of swimming every day do tremendous help to increase endurance.

To build strength there are many exercises. The most common is weight lifting. According to weight of our body we have to choose the weight machine, starting by minimum. Before lifting the weight machine we should make the leg and arm strong enough by push ups and sit ups exercises and lifting hand weight machine.

There are few exercises that increase both strength and endurance. The resistant training and circuit training are those exercises which build strength and endurance as well. In resistant training band of various sizes are used to increase and decrease resistant. In circuit training low weight is used to work out various parts of the body with high repetitions. These exercises are meant for some specific sports and for general fitness as well.

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