The Origin of Bikinis

It was a man named Louis Reard who gets credit for coining the popular term that identifies a woman’s two-piece bathing suit by calling it a “bikini”. Bikini swimwear became available to the public in the summer of 1947. Reard thought that when the bikini hits the beach, Americans are going to be as shocked as they were the summer before when the United States bombed Japan. Reard got the idea from where the atomic bomb was tested – Bikini Atoll.

People were amazed at how little bikini swimwear covered. There are two little pieces of material that covers the breasts, a piece of material covering the groin and material that covers all or part of the buttocks which exposed a lot of skin between the two. People thought that these luxury women’s swimwear totally resembled underwear.

Bikinis once again turned the heads of the public when the g-string (aka thong) walked down the beach. The g-string resembles a bikini when viewed from the front, however, from the back the entire buttocks are exposed with a thin strap or “string” that goes around the waist.

Why Women wear bikini swimwear

We’ve all noticed those women that walk down along the shoreline in those skimpy bikinis when we’re at the beach. Right away, both men and women look to see if she’s got “the goods” to wear such a revealing bikini.

Who is this woman trying to impress… the men? Probably, but it’s more of a non-judge competition among other women who dare to wear these luxury women’s swimwear. Who looks the hottest?

Then those are these women who have no business wearing these swimsuits. People still look; both men and women wonder to themselves and think “How this woman thinks she can wear such a revealing swimsuit is beyond me.”

Getting in Shape for summer

The first thing you need to work one (if not the only thing) is getting that belly to at least down to a gut. A flat stomach would be nice, but let’s face it; you don’t have the will power and you’re on a bit of a time limit – summer is almost here.

A sure fat burner that might get you to at least show up to the beach in a one-piece is grape fruit. That’s right, eat a grape fruit whenever you can and have those fat cells burn away faster. Eating grape fruit and not exercising isn’t going to work… that’s right – you have to exercise.

Another great fruit to eat is the cucumber. The cucumber will give you the burst of energy you’ll desperately need while you’re dieting and exercising. The cucumber will also get rid of those hunger pains and silent a rumbling tummy.

Tuna with fresh sliced mushrooms makes an awesome lunch. It supplies the body with protein you will no doubt also need while trying to fit in those luxury women’s swimwear.


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