The Hampton Pro Hex Dumbbell Set is Not Just For Biceps

Dumbbell exercises are popular with many lifestyles including pro athletics. Their versatility allows for a broad range of strength training that targets any muscle or ligament in your body. They can be used to compliment a current Home Gym workout routine or stand alone as a full body workout.

Dumbells can totally replace the need for weight machines if the exercises are performed correctly. They give an enhanced body posture and sense of balance and improves ones overall coordination and working out regularly with dumbbells can greatly reduce risks of muscle and ligament injuries. Resistant machines do not offer the same amount of range movements that can be achieved through dumbbells.

With dumbbell workouts, you can take your muscles to a higher level, if you are looking to build muscle mass or just tone and define, dumbbells can provide that. As new home gym equipment comes out, so do the promises of what they can do for you, but yet, there is not a one on the market yet that can offer the range of motion and the ability to target all muscles the way that dumbbells can. Many have the assumption that dumbbells can only benefit the arms and shoulders when in reality dumbbells sets such as the Hampton Pro Hex Dumbbell Set can target the arms, chest, shoulders, back, abdominals, and leg muscles and ligaments.

If you are under the misconception that dumbbells are strictly for the biceps and shoulders you missing out on one of the very best full body workouts ever available.

Lets’ look at the facts:

o Dumbbells provide a full body workout
o Dumbbells will help you see where your imbalance hex dumbbells lay easier then any other gym equipment allowing you the ability to focus on imbalanced and correct.
o Dumbbells can add definition to even the smallest of muscles that are often over looked in other methods of workouts.
o With dumbbells, you can also focus on strengthening your ligaments that will aid in reduction of possible injuries.
o Dumbbells offer a wider range of motion then any other piece of workout equipment, which will help you build muscle quicker than any other method.
o Dumbbells in a home help reduce the pressure of having to move through a set on a piece of gym equipment so the next person can have their turn.