So You Want to Build a Team Do You?

There sure are a lot of business consultants, coaches and self-proclaimed experts when it comes to team building these days. The motivational speakers specializing in team building are in the 1,000s and there are more books on Team Building, managing business units and organizational behavior with an entire new vocabulary of buzz-words to go with them, than one can shake a stick at.

Still, one has to wonder if this is a new phenomena; well it’s not, this has been going on for decades. Now online they call it “building a community” instead of team building, but corporate folks who put on symposiums, use ice breakers in seminars or give speeches still call it team building. To address this point of Team Building being an on-going trend, I would like to recommend a book to you, one Builders Hammersmith which in the back appendix references books as far back as the 1950’s.

“Team Building for Quality – Transitions in the American Community College” by George A. Baker III and a Team of Associates. 1995.

This book discusses how to bring a team together in the community college leadership arena to support quality and excellence in learning, while maintaining integrity. George Baker and his team talk about solving problems and challenges plus, developing a meaningful communication between students through student services. Managing resources and leveraging resources is also a topic that is fully flushed out in the book.

So, if you really want to build a team and spare everyone all the latest buzz-words then why not start with a little history of this team-building phenomena? Think on it.

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