Prophecy – Prophetic Authority

We are in an accelerated season and God is shaking many of the structures of society within the nations. Government, financial, educational, economic and spiritual structures are being adjusted by the hand of God. Within the uncertainty of this season God is releasing His direction. He is speaking through the prophets. He is revealing His plans to those with prophetic mantles from the Lord and they are establishing the Kingdom of God. Prophetic authority is coming in increasing measure to match the difficult times we live in. How do we effectively carry the Scepter of God in the prophetic realm during this season?

Let’s talk about the use of a Scepter and what it symbolized. In ancient and even in modern societies where a Sovereign rule or Monarchy is in place; a King’s Scepter symbolizes governmental authority to rule. In some cases if a King or Sovereign held his or her Scepter out in a certain way, it meant that request or decision had been granted. If the Scepter was not held out, then permission was denied. The Scepter as a symbol of authority became common in spiritual realms of authority as well. Many of God’s prophets used a scepter or rod. Moses had the “Rod of God.” and Elijah carried his staff. In the occult world, sorcerers and diviners often used “rods” depicting their chants and runes. In these spheres of influence the symbol or the rod was empowered by a higher level of authority. The symbol only portrayed that higher authority. The Monarch, the Godly Prophet or the Sorcerer each had authority namely Governmental, Godly or Demonic. A wicked King had both governmental and Demonic authority while a Godly King would have the opposite. A Prophet and Prophetess needs to understand the implications of this important relationship between Prophetic ministry and governmental authority. They need to understand how to carry the Scepter of God.

That brings us back to our theme again. How does the prophet carry the governmental authority of God’s Kingdom in prophetic ministry? Let’s move on to several points here.

First, we must understand the importance of God’s justice. God in a Sovereign way will measure out justice against those forces and people that walk in wickedness. He measures out justice so that unrighteous works will be punished and righteous works are rewarded. This is the Righteous Nature of God. He is Holy and will not leave sin unpunished. Sin can be forgiven, if someone places their trust in the Redemptive Work of Jesus Christ. However, the point is this: the Prophet must only use the authority of God in righteous ways. When he does this, then God will give authority to administer His works through prophecy. Authority in Prophetic ministry must be a reflection of God’s justice. Prophetic declarations will therefore strengthen righteousness and on the other hand break down wicked strongholds.

Secondly, the governmental authority of God in prophetic ministry must be carried with humility. Jesus of Nazareth is our role model here. He had prophetic power operating in His life and ministry but He submitted Himself to God completely. He came to serve and not to rule. There is coming a future time when He will come again as King to rule. However, the Lord calls us to walk in humility in this gift of prophecy just as Jesus did. The way to great prophetic authority and power is to walk in humility before God and men.

Thirdly, we must carry the Scepter of God (governmental authority) in Request prophetic word ministry with wisdom. God will give wisdom, if we ask Him for it. Otherwise prophetic ministry operating without wisdom can be so frustrating and unproductive. The gift will operate at a very low level. Boost your prophetic ministry by asking for Godly counsel and wisdom. If you acknowledge Him in all your ways prophetically He will direct your paths. Wisdom from God will precisely reveal details such as timing, where, how and with whom. Wisdom will often reveal why God is declaring what He is revealing through His Prophets. So ask for wisdom from God. His Word will be a light for your pathway in the prophetic ministry.

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