Online Project Software – Not All Programs Are Equal

Individuals, businesses, organizations, and students all have projects that must be completed in order to be successful. Life is filled with series of tasks that must be accomplished each day in pursuit of the goals we all have. Though each of our projects is different, depending on what our goals are, there are some commonalities in project management. Online project software addresses these common areas and allows project managers to track, and complete, their projects easily and quickly. Web-based project management programs are all over the internet. However, they are not all equal. They vary based on usability, features included, price, and customization options.

1. Usability: When you are looking for a great project management program online, it is important to investigate the interface to see if it is easy to use. An intuitive interface is one that you can pick up and use automatically, because you intuitively know what to do. Some project software is very complicated, which means you will spend valuable time learning the program instead of working on your projects. Instead of streamlining your production and increasing profits, you waste time navigating a program.

2. Features Included: Applications or tools within the online project software are what allows you to manage people and projects over the internet. These apps track time, offer calendars, create customized Gantt charts, provide templates, make graphs and charts, store contact information, list and assign tasks, and more. Some project management programs are very basic while others include all the extras.

3. Price: The price of online project software varies, with some even being offered for free. However, free online software may not offer space, security, or features that will be necessary for managing your projects. Then, you will find yourself learning a program that will not work for you, rather than finding the best product to begin with. With programs that have a monthly fee, the price can vary greatly. Production companies with large support teams will naturally need to charge more in order to cover costs. Smaller operations can offer the same quality at a lower cost per month. It is also helpful when the program offers different levels according to how many projects or how much space you will need. Why should a company that needs to manage 20 projects pay the same amount as an enterprise that manages hundreds of projects?

4. Customization Options: Being able to customize the online intranet software with your company logo and colors offers a professional dashboard when you are communicating with employees, colleagues, and clients.

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