Maximizing LinkedIn As A B2B Lead Generation for IT Firms

The IT sector, in the broadest sense, offers a wide array of products and services. And with this, comes a complex process on how to generate leads considering that this industry is not a duck soup at all and identifying your prospect is just the tip of the iceberg. Yes, you heard it right, lead generation is way over the top when it comes to acquiring leads; preciseness and veracity are of highest regard, always.

And with the emergence of endless techniques and strategies, marketers are now getting confused on what really to utilize, not to mention the dynamic augmentation of social media as a tool for lead generation.

There is indeed no absolute formula for a perfect lead generation, thus, resulting to people’s mixing and matching various techniques such as the use of social media. However, even the latter is complicated that many B2B firms are struggling what to do with it. They know they should do something yet they don’t know what, where, and how to start.

First, there was facebook group lead generation where you can post pictures, comment on discussions, and announce important information about your product or service. Then there’s twitter where posting necessary details and matters becomes more fun and easier. And there comes LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram, and Foursquare, and so on and so forth. Perhaps, you cannot manage to integrate all of these in your lead generation campaign, unless and until you have enough workforce to carry these out. But above all these, one stands to be of great importance in your IT lead generation- the LinkedIn, a total pool of professionals and decision makers.

As of the present, LinkedIn operates as the world’s largest professional network on the internet with nearly 200 million members around the globe. It is in fact becoming a powerful lead generation tool for B2B marketers and sales people. Not only does this kind of social media show an increasingly impressive number of members, but the capability and the excellence of its platform is as well becoming genuinely useful to the marketers. But how can you exactly maximize the efficiency of this network in your IT lead generation? Here’s how to nail it:

• Develop a profile and make sure it’s up-to-date- your profile and your company’s profile work as an interface between you and your potential clients, so make sure that your profile is insightful as possible such as mentioning your company’s mission, vision, and objectives as well as brief explanation about your product and its benefits to the consumers.

• No man is an island – in the realm of business, no one can certainly sustain the pressure and the demands of the industry unless one seeks for the help of the other. Same thing goes in LinkedIn, where a company should necessarily join a relevant group in order to start building meaningful relationships with prospects. After which, you can now participate on relevant conversations where you can engage with your group members and understand what they want to know about certain things.

• Credibility is the key – one way to do this is by establishing yourself as an expert and a genius in your field. And what do experts do? They provide answers and solutions.

• Integrate social media sites – you might want to consider signing up to other social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. And if by chance you’re already a member, then the only thing you need to do is to post the links of your websites to any of your posts or comments.

Social media is a powerful channel to generate qualified business sales leads especially with professional social media networks such as LinkedIn. Social media marketing has made easier for businesses to reach their target market and it also offers a great opportunity for small and medium size businesses to reach large and global companies to partner with. Business appointment setting campaigns made easier by making it available to LinkedIn, Facebook and other social sites the direct contact details such as emails and contact numbers and being able to send private messages to key decision makers of your business lead.

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