How to Walk in the Gift of Prophecy

The gift of prophecy is made up of three gifts, and they are word of wisdom, word of knowledge and prophecy. So walking in the gift of prophecy will have you in some times walk in the other two gifts.

Jesus with the woman at the well spoke a word of knowledge to her when he told her that she had spoken correctly and said that she was not married but indeed she had married several men and that the man that she was currently with was not her husband. She was a spiritual woman as when Jesus said this, she said that he must be a prophet.

Today we don’t see the word of knowledge gift operating much in prophecy. The reason is that it takes a lot of faith to walk in the word of knowledge gift. It takes stepping out in faith and declaring something that God has told you, being willing to be wrong about the thing you are saying. Touch wood, I have never been wrong and all the words of knowledge I have spoken have been true.

I love the word of knowledge. I find when you tell someone that you don’t know something that is private about their life that you immediately get their attention. People really sit up and take notice of you when you can tell them, a stranger about their life. And it doesn’t need to be a stranger. Tonight at church I told a young women that she had wanted to be a great servant for God and had often pondered on the verse that Jesus said he that wants to be the greatest must be the servant of all.

The gift of prophecy takes a lot of courage to walk in but like anything that is a gift it gets better with experience. Being in tune with God and going up to a person and giving them a prophetic word is an amazing and rewarding thing. A friend of mine started to prophesy last week and today as we peeled carrots for a baked dinner at church tonight she told me of her experiences at a conference. One or the people that Lord led her to was battling with shame that they had carried for a couple of years from a sin they had committed. She went up to the person and told them that the Lord doesn’t want them to live in shame anymore, that the blood of the cross carried her shame away and that the Lord loves her and doesn’t even remember her sin. The person broke down in tears.

And this is when personal prophecy is powerful, when a person breaks down in tears in front of you. I do a lot of prophecy over the web via an internet site where I offer it free too people online, and not so much prophecy in person these days. But there was a time when I did three prophecies a day to strangers on the street that the Lord would lead me to. This sort of prophecy on the streets with strangers has a term these days and this is called prophetic evangelism.

Have you got the gift of prophecy? If you haven’t and you want the gift of prophecy take the time to write to me at my website and I will pray for you and impart the gift. The Apostle Paul said that we should covet the gift of prophecy. He also said that it was the greatest gift of all nine. I have to tell you I have a couple of four page prophecies that have been sent to me by a young prophetess that worked with my website for a year and they really bless me every time I read them. For four pages God the Father just speaks in pain English to me and re-assures me. They are wonderful.

To prophesy with ease you need the love of Jesus in your heart. You need all that love so you will step out in faith and tell a person what you thing God is laying on your heart. It takes a bit of courage to walk up to a person and tell them that the Lord has a message for them and then to go ahead and say the prophecy. You kind of get really nervous as you wonder if you are just making it up in your mind. I call this uneasiness the prophets gut. I kind of get sick in the stomach until I go over and tell the person.

It takes courage to reach out and bring God’s word to a person, but when you love your fellow man then that love will compel you to go and share regardless about the threat of rejection if you get it wrong.

Prophecy is a really rewarding thing to do. Giving a person a direction in a decision they have to make in their life in the midst of the prophecy is called a word of wisdom. Words of wisdom are powerful and if the hearer of the word actually obeys the Lords direction every thing works out well for them. The Kings of Israel used to get directions off the Lord in ways to go into battle from a prophet. And when the kings went to battle and used the strategy the prophet had told them they Request prophetic word were victorious in the battle.

That is why it is important to take directions off a prophet. Of course you can repeat the prophecy to your pastor or good Christian friends and check the prophesy to make sure it comes from the Lord, but when you know it was from the Lord then following the directions of the word of wisdom is the best way to go.

That’s where words of knowledge are so good as they are supernatural knowledge about a persons life that has been given to the prophet and it comes out in their prophecy. When I get a prophecy with plenty of words of knowledge in it, it is powerful. Here is a prophecy that I got this week from a new prophet on our team at the website. It has 5 words of knowledge in it ( in italics) and 2 words of wisdom.(in bold) and one sentence of plain prophecy (normal text)

You have had great distress in your life. You have been in backslidden states several times in your life. The Spirit of the Lord shows me you cry out to him for restoration in many areas in your life. Loneliness is one of the many areas in your life you seek God’s hand in. He is working on your Faith in the promises he has made or showed you. He stops me and reminds me to tell you not to isolate yourself from the world. Let your boldness show forth in the things of the kingdom… I see you need healing in your body.., I command Healing in the Blessed name of the Lord Jesus. By His Stripes you are Healed…
I have been suffering of not being able to get to sleep for three weeks till the early hours in the morning and because of that I have been missing doing voluntary work and mixing with people five days a week. In the word of wisdom the Lord says not to isolate myself from the world. He wants me to go into our community centre at the Salvation Army even when I get up late and mix with people. Satan likes us isolated and suffering and God wants me not to feel guilty about not being able to work but instead get into the habit of going in and still mixing with people, even if that includes only an hour or two of work.

You see the prophecy spoke about my life. It told me that the Lord is aware of my loneliness and he is aware of my need for inner healing and that he is also busy working on my faith according to the promises he has made me through prophecies over my life. It is a very encouraging prophecy. The lady that did the prophecy is now doing prophecies on my website for strangers via email. If you want a prophecy of her just request a prophecy off Bambi ( not her real name but a fun nickname of hers)

If you want to hear from the Lord write to us for a free personal prophecy. If you have the gift of prophecy, come and join us and help us serve the people coming to us for a personal prophecy. And if you want the gift of prophecy come and ask me to pray for you.

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