Anti-Cyber Crime’s Award Winning Technologies

Do you own a computer or a laptop?? Of course you do…!!! If that would have been the case you wouldn’t have been reading this article. Computers are the most powerful and the most commonly used gadget or I should say a machine. No matter what we use it for, but we all know that it is a store house of information.

I am an accountant and I usually store all the information regarding accounts of my clients on my computer. For me this information is really sensitive as it includes the Social Security numbers of my clients and their bank statements. For me the protection and security of information is of high priority.

The very thought of hard disk failures or my laptop getting stolen gives me jitters. I have had many nightmares regarding the security of this data. So I decided to make a backup of all the information I have. But I am an accountant not a computer engineer. I was in need of a person or organization that can provide me with best possible solution for making back-up of all the sensitive information without involving into a lot of geek stuff. Someone who is aware of all the techniques required to make back-up.

So I began looking for a professional who can help me with this task. It was then when I heard about Douglas Cottle and his company Anti-cyber crime. The company is located in US and provides a wide range of products. I was impressed by the popularity of the company, but was still unsure about Cyber security automation its products. After doing a more comprehensive research I came to know that the company was recently awarded the “Best 163 Emerging Technology Companies” award. Now I was sure that the company is good, but I was still reluctant in buying its back-up solution.

It was then when one of my friends recommended me their back-up and recovery solutions. So finally I brought their back-up and recovery service. Now that I am using this service for the past three months I am happy about the fact that I made the right decision. I feel that this is the best and the most reliable back-up service. With the most advanced back-up engine they provide me the most comprehensive, fastest and automatic back-up solutions. And let me tell you it really is very easy to use. Basically I need not do anything; everything is taken care of automatically.

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